TEXASCALE | 2018 Archive

Computation for the Endless Frontier

TACC wins $60 million award to build the nation's fastest academic supercomputer

Feature Stories

Fighting Cancer with Supercomputers

Eight ways TACC supercomputers help scientists understand and treat the disease


A Powerhouse for Science

Protecting Pregnancy with Smartphones

Three leading institutions join forces to combat pregnancy-related complications and death

Powering Discoveries

Artificial Intelligence v. Austin Traffic

Researchers from UT, TACC and City of Austin develop AI tools to automatically analyze road behavior and create searchable databases

Modeling Without Models

TACC, DARPA work together to accelerate design and discovery where predictive models don't yet exist

Beneath Hawaii's Volcanoes

Stampede1 enables improved deep Earth imaging of mantle plumes

Overcoming a Battery's Fatal Flaw

Researchers use supercomputers to develop next-generation lithium-metal batteries for electric vehicles

Science on Repeat

TACC enhances computational reproducibility

Accelerating Deep Learning

Solving science and engineering problems with supercomputers and AI

Saving the Ross Ice Shelf

Researchers rely on TACC systems to collect crucial information and gain insight into the Antarctic region

People & Programs

A Letter From The Director

Advanced computing key to tackling many of the core problems our nation will face in the future

Texas Teens Turn Citizen Scientists

Coding camps at TACC teach students to use computing for future careers, good of society

Better Computing Through Industry Collaboration

TACC's Science & Technology Affiliates for Research program celebrates 10 years of addressing industry's needs

Turn on the Switch

TACC donates first-of-its-kind Magnum switch to Computer History Museum

Disaster-Proofing U.S. Infrastructure

DesignSafe, a platform for the natural hazards community, helps researchers build a more resilient society

Closing the Workforce Gap

Educating the next generation of supercomputing professionals

Stampede in Africa

In retirement, TACC supercomputers aid HPC in Africa

Serving the Lone Star State

TACC's leading role in UT Research Cyberinfrastructure initiative enables discoveries throughout UT System

Visualizing Science

Circulation in the Arctic Ocean

Visualizing features of the evolving Arctic atmosphere with high performance computers.

Powering Discoveries

A snapshot of the technologies and services TACC offers

The Path to Texascale

Charting growth over TACC's 17-year history