TEXASCALE | 2020 Archive

Urgent Computing

When time’s running out for answers

Feature Stories

Deep Learning in Deep Space

AI, supercomputing, and big data power new space discoveries

Dispatches from Frontera

Research teams use Frontera to run unprecedented simulations

Driving Diversity

TACC celebrates five years of Code@TACC and opening doors to STEM

Twisted Physics

‘Magic angle’ graphene, first identified in simulations at TACC, displays superconductivity

Powering Discoveries

Space Junky

TACC plays its part in helping clean up space, one obsolete satellite at a time

Doctors in a Digital Domain

Advancing medical research across Texas

Archiving the Arts

Harry Ransom Center entrusts TACC with the preservation of digital collections

A Mightier Wind

Simulations show potential of wind power expansion

Cracking COVID

TACC-powered collaborations tackle the pandemic at the atomic, genomic and societal levels

People & Programs

Letter from the Director

Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, TACC

Collaborating Against COVID

A Conversation with Kelly Gaither, Director of Health Analytics, TACC

10x and Beyond

Charting the course for U.S. academic supercomputing

New Releases and Remixes

A playlist of programs, partnerships, and projects from the past year

Platform for Discovery

Modeling safe, efficient offshore extraction with Frontera

Visualizing Science

TACC by the Numbers

At-a-glance overview of the center

The Frontera Secret Sauce

Layered look at Frontera’s software stack

The Importance of the Protein Backbone

Helping to understand neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s

New Currents in Tornado Modeling

Frontera helps University of Wisconsin scientist find new features in massive twisters

Pros and Pros

Head-to-Head matchup of Frontera vs. Stampede2

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