TEXASCALE | 2021 Archive

A High Performance History

TACC celebrates 20th anniversary, looks back on its growth

Feature Stories

COVID-19 Insights

Revelations on coronavirus structure, behavior, and tracking enabled by simulations on TACC resources

AI Engineers the World

Researchers use TACC supercomputers to train AI for civil engineering, manufacturing, and biomedical modeling

Arecibo’s Data Rescue

Priceless astronomy data saved to Ranch system following collapse of Arecibo Telescope

Lonestar Rising

New supercomputer, data system, and AI access come to Texas researchers, students

Powering Discoveries

Tracking Cosmic Ghosts

Frontera serves as community resource for IceCube Observatory neutrino detection

Dashboards for Disasters

Establishing a roadmap to make Texas safer, more secure for the future

Plastic Trash to Treasure

Supercomputer simulations help scientists understand enzymes that turn waste into valuable plastic components

Slick AI

Detecting oil seepage on the water's surface with Frontera

Protecting Earth from Space Storms

Frontera helps improve space weather forecasting to avoid worst effects of extreme events

People & Programs

Letter from the Director

TACC Executive Director Dan Stanzione reflects on the factors that have made TACC a success

Toward Diversity and Inclusion

TACC staff and leadership focus on creating intentional solutions

Launching Careers in STEM

Students turn inspiration, knowledge, and skills into careers

Equity in Computing

Thoughts from Carol Fletcher, Director of Expanding Pathways in Computing

Getting To Know Us

TACC team member highlights

Partners in Code Performance

TACC launches new program to improve scientific software in advance of Leadership-Class Computing Facility

New Releases and Remixes 2021

A playlist of programs, partnerships, and projects from the past year

Visualizing Science

20 Years of Powering Discovery

Two decades of science achievements enabled by TACC supercomputers

Expanding the Visual

TACC improves the state-of-the-art in scientific visualization

Good Flow, Clean Water

Maximizing flow for clean drinking water

Texascale 2021 Contributors