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TACC team member highlights

Natalie Henriques

With so many projects underway at TACC, Natalie’s responsibilities are crucial. She keeps track of schedules, meetings, and deliverables, and makes sure all stakeholders have what they need to complete their jobs.

“The best thing about TACC is the people — which is cliché to say, but it’s the truth. The teamwork here is amazing. I always feel supported and know I can call on others for help.”

Beyond TACC, Natalie is an avid reader and has volunteered with multiple organizations teaching adults to read.

“I cannot imagine going through life unable to read. Meeting people from all over the world, and seeing them grow in ability and confidence as they learn has been extremely rewarding.”

Alexander Fields

Alex wears many hats at TACC. While he works with databases and is a sys admin, you may also encounter him online responding to tickets. Pointing folks in the right direction has required interaction with a substantial number of researchers and TACCsters.

“I work with top shelf teams who are not only experts, but are always enjoyable to talk to. And we have leaders who bring compassion, integrity, and ease of access to each interaction. I get jiggy with that kind of energy.”

Alex also excels at the Texas Two Step and the Scottish Highland Games. His top priorities outside of work are Wally — his “four-legged son” — and bettering himself and others through education.

Shein Kim

While Shein provides unparalleled administrative support to TACC staff, she also goes above and beyond assisting visitors. When planning logistics for a recent Education & Outreach event, she came up with creative ways to help students combat zoom fatigue and bond with other participants.

One thing Shein loves about TACC is “how our team cares about each other as people, not just as employees. There is a genuine spirit of support and collaboration.”

In her spare time Shein enjoys balancing deep-fried anything with healthy meals. But she is most passionate about her faith.

“One of the greatest blessings I received in college was the guidance, warmth, and gospel message shared by my mentors. Experiencing God’s amazing love has inspired me to mentor college students and show that same love to others during my free time.”

Janie Bushn

With 15 years at TACC, and 31 years at the University of Texas at Austin, Janie is an administrative MVP. From supporting leadership to serving on the Supercomputing Conference Committee, her contributions are vital (and endless).

Janie’s favorite thing about working at TACC is “feeling (and knowing) that all roles at TACC are important and contribute to the level of success of the center in their own way.”

Outside the office, Janie is passionate about spending time with her mom and daughter, traveling, gardening, and maintaining close friendships.

“I am very lucky to have friendships as long as 55+ years. It’s wonderful when you have so many special experiences to reminisce over as time goes on.”

Sal Tijerina

As a project leader, Sal specializes in building and improving site architecture within TACC’s portal services. His work helps users more easily interact with TACC systems.

“It’s a special thing to see your work directly impact the advancement of so many domains of science. I’ve always wanted my professional work to make a positive impact on the world, and I’m happy I can say with confidence that I’ve been doing so every day I’ve been at TACC.”

Apart from work endeavors, Sal enjoys backpacking and board games. He counts music from around the world and cooking as two of his biggest passions.