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TACC team member highlights

Virginia Trueheart

Virginia coordinates TACC’s frontline support team, which is critical in enabling researchers to make discoveries using supercomputing resources. The team assists with code issues, system architecture, and gets researchers up and running on TACC systems.

Currently, Virginia is excited about supporting Seahorse Coastal Consulting’s research which pinpoints at-risk locations to protect people from flooding and other storm risks.

“I’m proud to supply Seahorse Coastal with the resources they need to perform this work in real time.”

In her free time, Virginia meets with a group of current and former TACCsters to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Gilbert Curbelo III

Gilbert is the lead developer on TACC’s JupyterHub project, which includes creating features and maintaining various instances for researchers to use for computational tasks.

“When I first started at TACC there was a steep learning curve,” Gilbert said. “But I had an amazing team that helped me along the way. The environment has always been extremely welcoming and open to any questions.”

Outside of TACC, Gilbert enjoys playing video games with friends and has a lifelong love of comic books. He also has a budding passion for cooking.

Wenyang Zhang

Wenyang provides application performance analysis and industry standard benchmarking on HPC platforms. He’s made significant contributions to DesignSafe, an NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure that supports the natural hazards research community.

“My favorite thing about working at TACC is accessing and working with the most powerful supercomputing facilities in academia.”

When he’s not at work, Wenyang enjoys traveling around the world. He also loves COTA Karting at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas – a rare opportunity to white-knuckle race on the only Formula 1 track in the United States.