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TACC team member highlights

Ian Wang

As the manager of the HPC Performance & Architectures group, Ian supports users, evaluates new hardware, runs benchmarks, and maintains HPC software at TACC. He also works with external collaborators on providing large computational resources to the broader geophysics community.

“The best part is turning TACC users into collaborators, further impacting the science community through innovation at a very large scale.”

Outside of work, Ian loves to travel and visits science museums in various cities. He also enjoys building LEGO sets with his daughter and is passionate about music.

Vanessa R. Gonzalez

Vanessa is a software developer focused on front end development of TACC portals. While her primary contributions are to DesignSafe and the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, she also contributed to the redesign of TACC’s User Portal (TUP).

“Anyone who uses resources at TACC has to go through TUP. This was a rewarding project to work on because we knew it would have a big impact on TACC and its users.”

Vanessa loves playing board games, and has been intentional about seeing more live music since the pandemic. You can also find her hiking and backpacking around the country, attempting to visit every U.S. National Park – 20 out of 63 so far.

Marques Bland

Marques works as a project manager helping to identify needs, roles, and assignments necessary to reach the finish line with all requirements met (and budget intact). This includes figuring out how to increase efficiency and collaboration among various teams.

Marques leans into his love of problem solving when faced with new projects.

“I love having new challenges and new processes to figure out.”

Marques enjoys hiking and building courses for his remote control trucks, but he is most passionate about his family.

“I absolutely love being a dad. I love watching my kids realize there is so much in the world for them to experience, appreciate, and learn.”