TEXASCALE | 2019 Archive

Operation Frontera

TACC launches fastest academic supercomputer in the world

Feature Stories

AI Interprets the Mind

New supercomputer-powered techniques are helping researchers understand, diagnose, and decode the brain

Peeling Back the Darkness

TACC's supercomputers play pivotal role in Event Horizon Telescope's first-ever black hole image

Matters of the Heart

Using computational models and tools to diagnose heart conditions

Building for Survival in the Pacific Northwest

Earthquake and structural simulations inspire new building standards for earthquake-prone Seattle

Powering Discoveries

By Any Other Name

Curating the flora and fauna of Mexico and Central America

First Findings from Frontera

36 research teams use Frontera to explore science from the cosmic to the sub-atomic scales

Making Airport Visits Faster and Safer

Industry partner receives federal funding for machine learning research

Texas in 2050

TACC’s DataX platform underlies UT Austin’s Planet Texas 2050 grand challenge

High Performance AI

Transforming science with deep learning and HPC

Nurturing Next Generation Oceanographers

TACC supports summer school with custom portal and analysis tools

Moving Into Action

NSF-funded reconnaissance work enables breakthroughs in natural hazard response

People & Programs

Letter from the Director

Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, TACC

The Kuleana Spirit

Summer immersion program builds capacity for data science in Hawai'i and the Pacific region

A Conversation with Maytal Dahan

Director of Advanced Computing Interfaces

Lone Star State of Science

Voices from the TACCSTER Symposium

3 Under 30

Rising stars help researchers leverage TACC’s powerful resources

TACC’s EPIC Expansion

New computing education group joins TACC

Dr. Neuralnet

Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love AI

Visualizing Science

Ray Tracing the Cosmos

TACC-developed visualization tools help scientists see the Universe with new clarity

Advanced Computing Ecosystem

An overview of TACC systems and labs

What's In A Node?

Take a look inside Frontera

A Symphony of Color and Shape

Visualizing the complexity of science without the cacophony

TACC’s Global Impact

Recent collaborations around the world